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Understanding and managing Value-Added Tax (VAT) is crucial for digital service providers in the EU. Hellotax is proud to launch a tailored VAT compliance solution designed for e-commerce businesses, ensuring you stay compliant and focused on growth.

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Understanding Digital Services

What Counts as
a Digital Service?

Those supplied electronically over the Internet or an electronic network, with minimal human interventionExamples include, but are not limited to:

  • Software and Cloud Services: Downloaded software and cloud applications.
  • Digital Content: E-books, music, videos, digital magazines, and photos.
  • Online Platforms and Media: Streaming music, videos, and digital TV.
  • Radio, TV, and Telecommunication Services: Online broadcasting and telecom services.
  • Automated Tools and Services: Online ads, search engines, and social media management.

VAT Compliance
Made Simple

  • Consumer Location-Based VAT: The VAT rates are applied based on where your customer resides, not where your business is located.
  • Automated VAT Reporting: Utilize our OSS system to manage VAT across all EU countries seamlessly.

VAT Obligations Explained

  • Threshold Implications: Learn when and how the €10,000 threshold affects your VAT duties.
  • Role of Marketplaces: Understand how using third-party platforms impacts your VAT responsibilities.
  • Non-Digital Services Clarification: Identify services that do not qualify as digital for VAT purposes.

Why Hellotax?

  • Expertise and Support: Direct access to our VAT experts for guidance tailored to digital services.
  • Automation: Advanced technology to streamline your VAT processes.
  • Compliance Assurance: Stay up-to-date with the latest EU VAT regulations and requirements.

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