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At AMZ Pathfinder, we empower great brands by scaling them through Amazon Advertising. Our team of seasoned professional Amazon advertisers does this through the creation of profitable Amazon ad strategies that convert, eventually turning them into exciting household brands worth remembering.

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AMZ Pathfinder's full range of professional Amazon advertising services and the processes we've built have delivered consistent, stellar results that our amazing clients love.

Our 5-step Amazon PPC process and Advertising Audits allow our experts to manage and scale your brand as if it were our own.

With our Amazon DSP service, our clients are able to put their brand in front of even more audiences on and off Amazon's eCommerce platform.

Clients advertising via our Google Ads for Amazon Products service get leagues ahead of competitors who haven't even thought about this blue ocean strategy.

The Amazon Storefronts that we build for our clients tell their customers the best version of their wonderful and inspiring brand stories.

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All AMZ Pathfinder clients get % off for the customer’s first order.

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